Every Thing is changing, It is a state of Pure Awareness.

Life isn’t a complicated but Mind is. Life is very simple, yet it seems complicated. Are we really seeing? Are we really here? When I say here, is all the focus on my ‘here’, in now.
Breathe for a while. This is the only moment alive. Active. Activated. Give the best shot to this moment. Be the best and at the best in this moment, and this will become eternity.
After being suffered from everything that comes from this space & time, that very moment I start realizing that my reality is just a reflection of my knowledge & understanding. wherever I was, whatever position I was in, this isn’t a mistake, there is no hitch in the creation. I was exactly supposed to be there. Except for having a profound experience, that’s who I was supposed to be? I Just let Dharma be the compass to guide My karma and keep doing what Dharma tells me.
Now, I’m on My Journey to Find Myself & Divine Purpose of cosmic life. The Perception of Life has been changed. I Understood the Cameo of the Mind And its fundamental Principles. From known to Knowner, I started enjoying my own company, living with my thoughts & existence. I have reached a point of perpetual stillness, where I’m always content, where I’m always Aware. Today I’m responsible for The Path of My Journey Because Now I know the things which are bothering me. things are stressing me out. I was not the one who is suffering. I look at Myself suffering. But it’s not me. So grasp hanging. Every time whenever I want to be free and hold that peace of state, I end up with getting things more complicated, well
One thing which I learned in these years of traveling and being is that you can’t hold on to anything which comes out of this time and space.
Sometimes Universe has bigger game plans for us
So if things don’t seem to work out, trip ain’t over.
Just Remember – There is no way out.
And if there is, then see you on the other side.

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